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On this page, you will find audio recordings from our parish choir, guest choirs and the the choir of St Romanos the Melodist, Melbourne. The choir of St Romanos comprises chanters from various Antiochian parishes in Melbourne and trains at St Nicholas under the direction of Fr. Jack Lutfi. For information about the choir’s activities or to order CDs, please contact us.

Hymns from a concert held at St Nicholas on May 15, 2010

The Great Moses (Arabic – 3:34)

Troparion of St Nicholas (English – 0:55)

Rejoice O faithful – resurrectional hymn (Eng. + Ar. – 7:01)

O Christ God – solo by Awni Nassrawi (Ar. – 2:51)

CD – Towards the Resurrection, by the choir of St Romanos

Today the Grace of the Holy Spirit (Ar – 1:20)

Troparian of Ss Peter and Paul

O Lord of Hosts

O Champion Leader

Awed by the beauty of your virginity (Ar – 2:35)

The hymn of Lazarus

I see your bridal chamber (Eng – 1:11)

Behold the bridegroom (Ar – 2:27)

The Praises (Tone 1)

When the Lord was going to His voluntary passion

The Lamentations (Ar + Eng – 11:09)

The angel cried

Christ is risen (Arabic)

Christ is risen (English)

First Paschal stichera

Fourth Paschal stichera

It is the day of Resurrections (Eng – 2:29)

Let our mouths be filled

Hymns from the the parish’s 75th Anniversary Liturgy 28 Oct 2007

Father Son and Holy Spirit (English – 634 KB)

Holy Lord of Sabaoth (English – 1.13MB)

It is truly meet (Arabic – 2.75 MB)



Hymns from the Pan-Orthodox Choirs Concert, May 5 2007

Click here for a text of all the hymns in English