Sunday School


“Our Sunday School meets every Sunday during school term, at the end of the Divine Liturgy. We meet in the parish rooms behind the Church hall. The children receive instruction appropriate to their age group, and participate in excursions and an annual camp. Sunday School offers a caring environment for the children to grow in their faith, all children aged 5+ are welcome to join.

The Sunday School annual camp.

For over 25 years, Sunday School children, their families and parishioners have been coming together. In recent years, the camp’s timing at the beginning of the school year, had provided the perfect opportunity for all participants to spend time together in fellowship and prepare for the commencement of the Sunday School year.


The Sunday School children participate in excursions and activities throughout the year, including games and activity days, movie nights and faith-based activities. St Barbara’s day and the Christmas party provide the fitting finale for the year, where the children showcase their creativity. The Sunday School children participate in many of the parish’s liturgical practice and worship including serving in the altar and on the choir as well as assisting with processions.”