Youth Group

The St. Nicholas Youth is a group of young Orthodox Christians that are an integral part of the St Nicholas Church community and have been for generations. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment and culture within the group that can attract all people to the Church and strengthen their relationship with God in the process. To enable us to achieve this mission, the SNY focusses on three areas that are fundamental to its success but is primarily built upon the foundational goal of growing spiritually.


The SNY aims to utilise its environment and resources to foster spiritual growth within its members. Regular fellowships and retreats are run under the guidance of Fr. Georges El-Khoury where we develop a stronger understanding of our faith and learn mechanisms to implement Orthodox teachings into our daily lives. This comes at the forefront of our programs and is a staple at the SNY where every journey is guided by Jesus Christ.


The SNY prides itself on its ability to bring people together. Embarking on our Christian life is full of challenges and being able to build connections and bonds as a group can create a support network to help you thrive and conquer these obstacles together. Events such as movie and trivia nights, BBQ’s and much more are run to develop relationships between young people that set the foundation for furthering our spiritual growth. The SNY is also largely associated with ACOY Victoria and runs events synchronously.


Part of our mission as the SNY is to have regular contributions within our community. The SNY runs fundraisers to assist worthy causes and can also get hands-on when helping the disadvantaged. This is a fundamental to the SNY as it is important to give back and make a difference being in the position we are.

For more information and to get involved, contact us on:

SNY Instagram: @sny_melbourne
SNY Facebook: @SNYYouth
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ACOY Instagram: @acoy_vic